10 – 12 December 2021

1741 St Albans Road, Singletons Mill NSW





10 - 12 December 2021

1741 St Albans Road, Singletons Mill NSW



Are you ready to supercharge your intuitive gifts? 

Are you ready to step into your powerful life? Are your ready to connect with a powerful soul tribe of women? 

The Courageous Path Retreat is a space of transformational change to facilitate you to step into your powerful self. This retreat is a space for to connect with women of who are the truth seekers, who are ready to do the inner work and to step into their purpose.

Spiritual Tools 

You will learn techniques to super charge your intuitive abilities. Meditation, oracle readings, channelling experiences will be an important part of the retreat. You will leave the retreat knowing how powerful you are as an intuitive and with tools to further your development.


The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels, and are a gentle, fluid sequence of postures. These energising and healing classes help the physical body to release built-up tension and channel the energy into the spine.


You will connect to your inner child and learn to ground in a new way with creative play. Clay-play is a meditative practise and joyful creating making. Dance and movement will show you how to lift yourself to higher states of consciousness.


The multi-day retreats are set in beautiful, serene locations so you feel soothed by the warm air and stillness of the location. You will be eating fresh organic food, and there is also lots of nourishing rest to unwind.

Suitable for all levels

These retreats are suitable for all levels, whether you are new to your spiritual path or very experienced you will leave expanded.

Each day of the retreat will be made up of some gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation, creativity and spiritual exercises, healing music, nourishing food, being a part of an inspiring group of people and in a location that will leave you in awe.

You will leave your retreat experience feeling spiritually supercharged, powerful, connected and with a sense of clear steps forward in your life.

 - Sabia

Sheila’s guidance is phenomenal bringing ladies to share, connect and showing us our strong capabilities to give and receive readings, giving clarification to another and sharing our knowings. Each encounter with Sheila, strengthens and verifies my purpose. I am always left with a feeling of excitement, calmness and giddy with happiness


&  Pricing


We will leave as a connected soul tribe of powerful women.

Sharing a room and space is a wonderful way to connect deeply. 

There are 5 bedrooms all with 4 shared bathrooms

There are two options with accommodation:

Twin Share: $1,222  - Early bird $1,111

Quadruple Share: SOLD OUT
(Only 1 room has 4 beds, so this cheaper offer is available to only 4 people.)


 - Celine

Sheila is powerful to get into the depth of the soul journey.

Meet Your Hosts

Sheila V

Sheila Vijeyarasa has mastered the art of blending two diametrically opposite careers. She is a Corporate Leader, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor and exceptionally talented Medium and Psychic Reader.

Sheila is the founder of Empowering Intuition. She was also the CFO of a global publishing company. Sheila’s natural mediumistic and psychic abilities have been passed down through multiple generations in her family. Sheila has cultivated her skills in mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College (London), college of spiritualism and psychic sciences. She has immersed herself in learning Reiki and multiple mindfulness techniques at Esalen (Big Sur, California) with, Dr Shauna Shapiro and has studied Bhakti Yoga and the Vedic teachings of Kripalu Maharaj in Mangarh, India. She has been taught by world renowned medium James Van Praagh at The Omega Institute (New York). She has studied Executive Coaching and NLP with the Tad James company. She has appeared on Australian Television on Psychic TV


Tricha Tippapart is an empowerment coach, executive yoga and wellness teacher, writer and speaker, marketing specialist and a money mindset mentor. She loves being multifaceted and being a student of life.

She is passionate about living a purposeful life filled with transformation, adventure and holistic wellness.

In addition to her 15+ year career in marketing and events, she has dedicated the last 10 years to her personal growth, learning with some of the top coaches, mentors and speakers from around the world, including Tony Robbins, Landmark Education, shamanic reiki, vedic meditation, yoga (200-hour yoga teacher training with Power Living in Australia and Bali, and 100-hour yin yoga teacher training with Persia Juliet from Bali) and short trainings with yoga teachers like Patrick Beach and Dice Iida-Klein.

Having experienced grief and anxiety first hand, she felt called to bring the healing power of yoga to more people. She combines her yoga training with holistic knowledge to create yoga experiences that are nurturing, nourishing and allow emotions to release; leaving people feeling more calm, at peace and empowered.


Retreat - Twin Share

3 monthly payments of $370.35 AUD