"As a business leader, and someone with broad life experience, Sheila’s counselling is tremendously insightful, practical and positive. Her telempathy gifts add a further dimensionality to this. In ‘seeing beyond the veil’ Sheila has been able to help me navigate through some big personal challenges when I‘ve been stuck in confusion or outdated views of myself. I encourage anyone to spend some time with Sheila and experience what she can offer."


"I am moved and amazed by the reading Sheila did and the wonderful skills she has got. It was a very helpful experience through which I have gained great insight in my future path to follow"


"I enjoyed a reading with Sheila in September and the experience was very uplifting for me. Her reading was extremely accurate, heartfelt, comforting, and insightful and helped me regain clarity on where I am heading. She was very clear and specific on information from my past over Aunty that helped me in my healing. Sheila has a wonderful warmth and professionalism about her and a high level of integrity. I will definitely visit again and I highly recommend! Thanks again Sheila for a magical reading!"


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