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Sheila V knows what it is like to rise up against the odds, to develop grit, determination and great skill to achieve your goals. She works with those who are ready to understand their soul purpose; the seekers, the open minded and the challengers who want to transform their life to achieve greater fulfillment.

She does this by revealing truths and empowering action. In fact she gives clients such a powerful dose of truth that they can’t help but honour themselves. The spiritual wisdom imparted makes them feel their own intuition and connection to Spirit.

Client Testimonials


Powerful Positive Mindset Coach

 "Sheila is an amazing spiritual coach. In my journey of creating my sacred business, she guided me, walked with me, and celebrated my every successes. I highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher when you are seeking clarity and courage to move forward."


Powerful Energy Healer

"Sheila’s guidance is phenomenal.  Each encounter with Sheila, strengthens and verifies my purpose."


Dance Instructor Powerhouse

"There is incredible trust, honesty and incredibly integrity. Coaching from you is the best thing I have ever invested in. I will continue to do this."

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Courageous Film Maker and Singer

"Investing in coaching with Sheila was one of the best decisions I've made. Sheila empowers me to constantly step into better versions of myself and to trust my intuition. I truly value Sheila's honesty and insights. Always with my best interests at heart, she isn't afraid to hit me with the hard truths and inspires me to take courageous action. Working with Sheila is MAGIC!"


Incredible Yoga Studio Owner

"Sheila helped me to step into my power. Act quickly and tap into my intuition"


Courageous Fitness Guru

"Sheila has been a mentor and safe haven for me during a time when I felt directionless and despondent. She has guided me and shown me how to listen to and follow my intuition, and to be brave enough to take the steps needed to create a life which now fills me with nervous anticipation.

I will be eternally grateful for her guidance."


Are you ready to bravely step into your power and purpose?


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