Psychic Reading

In a psychic reading, Sheila will provide clarity, insight and guidance to assist you right here and now with questions that need urgent addressing. You may be feeling blocks in your life that you don't know how to overcome. You know there is a need for change, but you are not sure how to make the changes required. Sheila will connect with your Spirit Guides to bring through guidance to help you to align you to your higher self and to make the changes in your life that are require to bring in abundance that you desire. Allow Sheila to assist you to find your true path.

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Intuitive Session Options

“Sheila has a rare sixth sense unlike any other I’ve seen. She is able to tap into her deep gifts as an intuitive and guide you through sacred times of transition with ease and grace. Having come from a corporate background Sheila gets what women are really going through as they step into a new and unknown path. She’ll support you to trust yourself and put your best foot forward with confidence” - Bella



40 Minutes

Powerful transformative messages from your Spirit Team

Deep support during difficult times

Managing big life transitions

Messages of healing and clarity through Mediumship


"Sheila provide insights into my life providing sagely advice of someone many many years her senior, which served me well. She is a gifted soul and her wisdom is as ancient as the sands of Egypt. If you are hesitant to be open to the possibility of being read, you can take comfort in Sheila's empathetic and compassionate approach which always comes with the highest standard of ethics. I recommend Sheila to anyone in doubt when confronted with a fall in the road."


Client Testimonial

"Sheila helps you to step into the bravest and most authentic version of yourself. The amount of information that she can download is extraordinary! You need to record her sessions, as so much information comes through"


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