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Form life-long connections and friendships with other powerful, conscious, and courageous women on the path to awakening


Exclusive access to Sheila V’s online courses and content, with new programs + meditations added monthly



 Awaken your intuition and connect to a deep inner knowing through guided meditation practices with Sheila V



Courageous questions for clarity, reflection, and growth





Dive deeper into the concepts outlined in Sheila V's internationally acclaimed book, BRAVE- Courageously live your truth and receive support and guidance to walk your own Courageous Path


Continue to expand and grow with updated and evolving content



What if you could confidently connect with the World of Spirit, and use the guidance from your Spirit Team in your life and relationships?


  • Ever sit in meditation and wonder when your Spirit Guide is going to pop out and say hello? (You’ve quietened the mind, entered a place of bliss, but yet it’s still like…. HELLLLOOOOO anyone there?)
  • Are you unsure when you receive an intuitive message whether it’s your Spirit Guides or just your mind playing tricks on you?
  • Have you ever received guidance but never act because you genuinely don’t know if it’s from your Spirit Guides or not?
  • Do you wish you had a meditation that would guarantee that you could connect with your Spirit Guides?
  • Do you want to learn how to receive more Signs from the Universe and to fully trust when they come?
  • Are you confused by the phrase ‘Spiritual Path’…you know you're on the Path, but you wish you had the road map.





I had my Spiritual Awakening over a decade ago and it was the most CONFUSING time of my life.


Can you relate?

There was no ROADMAP for my Spiritual path. I started to read so many spiritual books and watch videos, however I felt so alone and hungry for knowledge.

Why was there not a clear path explained to me?

I also started to feel energies around me. I was becoming sensitive, however I didn't realise how sensitive!

I came across the word ‘Spirt Guide,’ and I became curious as I felt that I may have Spirit Guides around me.

When I went to see Psychic Mediums, I started to ask them about my Spirit Guides. I absolutely loved hearing what they had to say!

Especially when my ancestors would come through.

Then one day, a powerful Psychic Medium said to me, “You can connect to your Spirit Guides yourself”....WOW! I didn’t know that I could do that. That sounded unbelievable. I knew I had some abilities, but again, was overwhelmed at that thought.

 I loved playing with my Tarot Deck and my Oracle cards. My friends loved it when I gave them mini-readings. I was accurate a lot of the time.

I also was starting to receive so many signs from the Universe.

I wasn’t sure if I could trust the signs I was receiving. I didn’t know what they meant a lot of the time.

Truthfully, I was scared to open myself up to Spirits.

Needless to say, I knew about a Spiritual Path and some information about Spirit Guides on an intellectual level…but that was about it.

I felt like I was MISSING something!


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Has The Potential To Change Your Life In A Huge Ways

As a Spiritual Teacher, I'm here to show you that you can meet your

Spirit Guides, powerfully navigate your Spiritual Path and accelerate
receiving Signs from the Universe!

There's just some extra information you've been missing.

And in literally just 4 x 30 minutes, you’ll know all there is to know about Spirit Guides, learn how to connect to them, receive signs from them and understand your Spiritual Path.

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If You Desire To...


  • Meet and build a trusting and growing relationship with your Spirit
  • Know how to receive more information from your Spirit Team
  • Feel confidence in yourself and your connection with Spirit
  • Clarity how you receive psychic information
  • Understand what stage you are on your Spiritual Path
  • Learn how to Receive more Signs from the Universe
  • Learn how to Interpret your Signs from the Universe
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In the Spirit Guide Accelerator you will receive:

  • Live recorded video trainings (5 x 30 minutes) – to watch on demand
  • 5 Detailed printable E-books packed with spiritual wisdom
  • 3 Powerful soulful channelled meditations
  • 4 Downloadable and printable journal prompts
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Spirit Guide Accelerator


Regular price $499

  • Live recorded video trainings (5 x 30 min) to watch on demand
  • 5 detailed printable E-books packed with Spiritual Wisdom 
  • 3 soulful channeled meditations
  • 4 downloadable and printable prompts


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Meet Your Teacher, Sheila V

Sheila Vijeyarasa is a powerful psychic medium and author of the book Brave:
Courageously Live Your Truth. She has the ability to channel passed over
souls and higher dimension beings. She combines her spiritual wisdom with
her skills and experience from the executive-level corporate world.

She has appeared on the Australian Television show Psychic TV and All About
You, as a professional psychic medium.

She cultivated her skills in Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in London. She studied mindfulness at Esalen with, Dr Shauna Shapiro and immersed herself in the Vedic teachings in India. She studied with world renowned Psychic Medium James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute.

Sheila has had an absolute meta physical knowing that she needed to change her life and dedicate herself to transforming people’s thinking around
spirituality, especially in the corporate world. It was time to help people discover their true purpose, and build a more fulfilling life.

Sheila created Awakening Intuition after several requests to create a program that teaches the foundations of Psychic Development.